Introverts, extroverts and unconscious mind

Within our mind there is certain part which is unconscious and instinctive. Acting upon the influence of this instinctive mind mostly happens automatically. We act upon it with very little conscious awareness. This instinctive mind resembles an advanced form of psychological reflex. It is not as simple as a knee jerk but highly cortical and … Continue reading Introverts, extroverts and unconscious mind

Buddhas snake has bitten few too many

In the realm of mind there is no middle way. There is only duality . Mind can only generate duality. The duality of me and other. US and THEM. Be aware of those politicians/powerful persons who meditates on a soft white cushion in the morning and who goes to sign a weapons deal in the … Continue reading Buddhas snake has bitten few too many

Why people hurt us?

In our social life there will be some instances when our interaction with people wont go smoothly. We feel like someone is deliberately insulting us and wanting to hurt us. Whenever we feel like someone is insulting us and we are hurt  because of someone's action then some adjustment in our thinking will help us to keep … Continue reading Why people hurt us?

You are a raindrop falling from sky who doesn’t know where you fall

Biggest deception that you are going to do will be against yourselves. You will be biggest victim of your deception and you will even be the perpetrator of it. In order to live you deceive yourself. You tell lies to yourself. You tell lie about who you are. You tell lie about what you can … Continue reading You are a raindrop falling from sky who doesn’t know where you fall

Beauty lies in being vulnerable

To find the idea of beauty and vulnerability coexisting together we can look at a flower. A flower is both beautiful and vulnerable. Flower is vulnerable becauseĀ it can be plucked by anyone passing. It can be eaten by any animal traveling nearby. It seems like a flower does not care for its own possibility of … Continue reading Beauty lies in being vulnerable