Reality that haunts us

Reality haunts us. It haunts us in isolation and it haunts us in groups. It creeps through every obstacle we have built to hide ourselves from it. It is scary and ugly.
We have deviced so many things to take us away from our reality.
We try so much not to be with what is actully happening. We spend so much of our money and energy to be away from the core truth of reality.
We go for movie. We take drugs and alcohol. There are so many other things that we indulge ourselves in for not to face ourselves. Loneliness is creepy and in crowd we feel alone.
We cannot know how far people will go for not to face the inner truth. The inner truth they perceive as ugly ,naked and fearful.
It takes courage and openness to face that small and insignificant truth.

May everyone who are in despair have some courage and openness to face ourselves.

Thank you for reading this far.

May peace be with you.


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