Buddhas snake has bitten few too many

In the realm of mind there is no middle way. There is only duality . Mind can only generate duality. The duality of me and other. US and THEM. Be aware of those politicians/powerful persons who meditates on a soft white cushion in the morning and who goes to sign a weapons deal in the … Continue reading Buddhas snake has bitten few too many


Weak and strong within me

Within my mind I observe a struggle. A struggle between two ME. The first me is weak and coward. It does not know that. The second is strong and brave. It does not know that either. There are various times in which either of these two me become the commander of my mind body. The … Continue reading Weak and strong within me

Mindful eating exercises and benefits

What is mindful eating? Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way. We pay attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally (Kabat-Zinn, 2016). Mindful eating is applying this sort of nonjudgmental awareness to our eating. Applying nonjudgmental awareness to our eating process we become fully open to the experience of eating and consume … Continue reading Mindful eating exercises and benefits

Mindfulness coloring book : a new age shortcut

I am little skeptical about buying a best selling book. I have been repeatedly disappointed by the best sellers over and over. But I find it interesting to go through the best seller lists and particularly their reviews. In one way the best seller reviews help me understand those books which I would not have read … Continue reading Mindfulness coloring book : a new age shortcut

3 benefits of conscious breathing

Benefits of Conscious breathing Clarity Compassion Creativity In the following very few paragraphs I compare how the nature of our breath resembles that of water washing over a sea shore. Today while doing my morning meditation session I observed the power of conscious breathing. It reminded of me of a sea shore where the waves … Continue reading 3 benefits of conscious breathing