Nature of mind

One day I was looking at the cover of a mindfulness book lying around my table. The book was comparing mindfulness with training of an elephant. I loved that book. Looking at the book I drifted onto thinking , if my mind is an elephant to be trained, then who am I?
Then I remember one story from my childhood where there were five blind persons holding different parts of elephant. They were holding different parts describing their version of elephant. The one holding its tusk would say elephant is hard. The one holding its tail would say elephant is long. While the one holding ear would say elephant is flat, the one holding leg said elephant is strong. The one holding its trunk said elephant is curvy. They all said their version of elephant which doesn’t match with our version of elephant.

When I see my mind as elephant I see me as all those blind persons holding different part of elephant. One version of me is holding elephant’s (my mind’s) leg and saying that mind is very strong. Another version of me is holding its tusk and saying mind is very hard. Some other me is holding the trunk and saying mind is curvy and is changing. In all the different span of space and time of my existence I get to be all those blind person perceiving various aspect of my mind.
But in this story of mine there are infinite blind persons feeling each and every parts of elephant. They are so many that they now represent air/earth molecules around the elephant’s skin. I get to be each and every air molecules which is in contact with skin of elephant. Depending upon the location of air molecules the skin of elephant is different. There are billion and billion variation of elephant perceived by the air/earth molecules surrounding the elephant’s skin.
Over the course of my life I am forced to perceive billion and billion variation of my mind.
In a way the air and earth become the ground in which the elephant exists and plays its role.
I am the ground on which my mind exists and plays its role of becoming every bit of different every time.


Image courtesy : Pixabay

Thank you for reading this far.

May Peace be with you.


8 thoughts on “Nature of mind

  1. I’m finding this so rich. I love the idea of internal collaboration – that the different ‘people’ perceiving the elephant (now/life) are different parts of ourselves that are in fact having different experiences of the present moment. This allusion seems to help me feel at ease – lifts the demand that I ‘should’ have an inner sense of unity and peace. Instead, observing it all – free even of the pressure to force the parts to agree. They are all present. That is simply and sometimes painfully as it is. πŸŒ»πŸ™thank you. I am looking forward to absorbing this


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