Mindfulness coloring book : a new age shortcut


I am little skeptical about buying a best selling book. I have been repeatedly disappointed by the best sellers over and over.
But I find it interesting to go through the best seller lists and particularly their reviews. In one way the best seller reviews help me understand those books which I would not have read it first hand.

One scenario that caught me was that most of the best sellers these days were coloring books.
I was tempted to write this article after I read something about  mindfulness coloring books. One article titled ” Why Coloring Could Be The New Alternative To Meditation” particularly caught my attention. I found the comparison a kind of misleading. It sounded more like saying “Why light bulb could be the new alternative to Sun”. Just as a light bulb and the sun have distinct place of their own it is a universal fact that there is no alternative of sun.
I understand meditation as Sun which illuminates my ignorance. While a light bulb definitely is a source of light ,the consequences can be dangerous when we go on thinking of replacing the Sun with some light bulb.
What if we actually replace meditation with something else? Among all the things that happen one thing which actually disturbs me is fewer people venturing into the meditation. Caught up by the new alternative of coloring people may disregard the power of meditation. And on the long run the height attained by the concept of meditation in the western world will actually diminish.

The world is always looking for shortcuts and there are plenty of people trying various ways to provide us with the shortcut. Short cut to get rich, loose 20 pounds in 2 days , read 100 books in 1 day. There are plenty of promise of shortcuts in today’s world.
In search of shortcut let us not forget where we are actually going.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein.

As the great scientist warns of our tendency to make things simpler. Lets us not replace meditation by coloring books.

I doubt this article will ever be read by even millionth fraction of people who actually bought all those coloring books. But in this herd of people buying and reading those books there are some OTHERS who love to hold on to their meditative practices. And may these text make their hold more stronger.

May Peace be with you!

Image courtesy : Pixabay


9 thoughts on “Mindfulness coloring book : a new age shortcut

  1. 🙏 it’s like, sure– there could be some benefit in mindfully coloring, but because the practice has such limited form, the benefit will be very limited as well 🙂 it’s the inscrutable diamond practice that goes beyond beyond that brings immeasurable benefit to immeasurable beings ! 🙏 Happy to find this!

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