A little bit on gum health

Couple of month’s back I had gone to my dentist. He told me that around my first premolar tooth there was one dental pocket of more than 10 mm in depth. X-ray of my teeth showed even the bone was infected. The dentist told me that if untreated my teeth would break off from its … Continue reading A little bit on gum health


Caught in fear

Looking deeply into my fears I see what they are made up of. I see them as a cage. A cage with open door. I cannot see the door open. To see the door I need different eyes. I need eyes of those who built this cage for me. Only through those eyes I can … Continue reading Caught in fear

Mindfulness coloring book : a new age shortcut

I am little skeptical about buying a best selling book. I have been repeatedly disappointed by the best sellers over and over. But I find it interesting to go through the best seller lists and particularly their reviews. In one way the best seller reviews help me understand those books which I would not have read … Continue reading Mindfulness coloring book : a new age shortcut