Nature of god and my prayer

God is the one who is responsible for every thoughts and action which arises in every organisms in this world and universe. He is the one who made it possible for life to happen in this earth despite all odds. Apparently the odds of life on earth is 400 trillions to one. or it is … Continue reading Nature of god and my prayer


Positions in meditation: Siddasana vs Padmasana

Its been a while since I started my advanced yoga practices. I thought I will keep a journal of these practices in my blog. In this post I will talk about positions that I use for my meditation. Initially I was attracted to siddasana. For its charm. It uses heel to press into the perinium. … Continue reading Positions in meditation: Siddasana vs Padmasana

Listen Listen by Chogyam Trungpa

A beautiful poem urging us to listen deeply. Written by Chogyam Trungpa Listen, listen to the sound of the mind’s own utterance, Within the womb of the beauty of Autumn, While the setting sun shows the red glory of her smile. Hearing the bamboo flute which no one plays, Listen to the reeds swaying in … Continue reading Listen Listen by Chogyam Trungpa