Nectar of life

Whatever happens is only good. Nothing bad can ever happen. Every loss every gain is just a transition from one form of fullness of life to the another fullness. Even the transition is full. The observer is full and the observed is also full. Full upto the brim.
What is it that I am running from and to where? The samskaras are chasing me or I am chasing them. Like cloud they morph , they change. When blocked they strike with thunder and when looked upon they appear vast. As vast as a sky itself. In this vastness there is emptiness.
There are our senses. The largest of all sense is mind. It generates thoughts. Which make compost out of what we have already accumulated there. The unused ones are transformed and used ones are also transformed. The ongoing process . Life is just this process. It trickles down as nectar from bindu. Enriching our life with itself. whatever is not soaked in this nectar is devoid of life. Is unperceived one.

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