Positions in meditation: Siddasana vs Padmasana

Its been a while since I started my advanced yoga practices. I thought I will keep a journal of these practices in my blog. In this post I will talk about positions that I use for my meditation.
Initially I was attracted to siddasana. For its charm. It uses heel to press into the perinium. Perineium is where our root chakra was located. Initially I felt some form of excitement while doing siddasana. Later on those excitements surpassed but I kept on using siddasana because I could hold in that position for longer sessions of meditation. It allowed me to do long sessions without frequent changing of feet. The desire to change was overwhelming but subsequently they were gone. I could be sitting without changing my feet for more then an hour.
But a sense of flow could not be achieved in Siddasana. I noted that in siddasana my lower back was not straight. As you might be aware yoga gives very much importance in the position of spine and why it should be straight and in line while meditation. Even though the uppper back was straight and in line the lower tend to curve. To accomodate my heel I was compromising the straightness of my spine. Later on I deciced to change my position and go for padmasa instead of siddasana. After that switch in position I could keep my spine more in line while meditating.
Even though siddasana is perfect I remember my Guruji telling ” Padmasana is hard to master and you common folks cannot do it perfectly”. So I think I will go for Padmasana now. And so far it has been good. I can feel the changes in position of my spine in everyday activities.
Even Padmasana is very difficult to master. The main challenge is to maintain the back straight. Because the hamstrings are constantly pulling the lower back to make it curve. Hence it is important to maintain the flexibility of our hamstrings first before attempting padmasa for longer duration. Flexibility of hamstrings is increased by devoting time to master the forward bending. With the forward bending there need to be backward bending as a counter-pose.
I remember some people reporting some issue with knee when padmasana is practiced for longer duration. May be some people may not tolerate it but for me for now Padmasana seems to be doing good.


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