Detachment is the key

When we were young we used to shake the guava tree so that the ripe guavas would fall down and we would eat them.

I also remember a time when someone in my life said: “We should continuously stir the psychology of people.”. I asked why then he said “When they are stirred then the weak ones would fall from place or fall from grace ”

I compare with the piggy bank shaken and when it is shaken then some coins would fall off. The coins that were present in the wrong place at the wrong time.

People shake the one with money or the one with power or just about anyone else who they can shake. I don’t have some brilliant science reason so as to answer why they do it but I think they just like to see what would fall off him. If something falls then voila, now they have found a weak spot. If nothing falls they like to move on thinking about the sour grapes they could not have.
I think the more fruit a tree has the more shaking it will get. The more money a person has, the more power he has, the more beautiful friends he has the more shaking he will get. It is just like other people wanting to have what you have.

People are in habit of stirring everyone’s mind. Some do it consciously while others do it unconsciously. But nevertheless, they do it. We can do nothing about the stirring they do. It is in their nature. Even we ourself might have done some of the stirring of weak ones in our life. It is a common human nature.
So what can we do about it?
One of the best thing that we can do is just be aware of such doing of people. We can just be aware of that stirring. When people do that and when we are really aware of that stirring then, it is like we are immune to that phenomenon. We are totally immune only if we are not taken away by such action of people. Even we are not totally immune to that we can certainly gain some perspective and cultivate some detachment to the incident.
You see the hardest part is not people or their action. It the internal justification that we have for such actions. One of the hardest things to cultivate is absolute detachment. A high level of detachment grants of immunity. It is how you master the art of not giving a f***.
There is another side to this thing. When we think we are shaken or people are intentionally stirring our calmness then it only means one thing. “Maybe we are loaded with guava.” We might be loaded with what the person who is shaking wants.
It is very hard not to taken back by a temporary phenomenon. If it was easy then everyone would do it. Only we can master this detachment from the action of people then most of the other things are easy after that.

We can easily navigate through the ocean of life if we are not attached to the waves occurring in the ocean. It is the Bhava Sagar. The ocean of becoming which truly drowns us.

Thank you for reading this far

May peace be with you.


3 thoughts on “Detachment is the key

  1. Your post came “magically” synchrone to me just contemplating (at that very moment) on how to deal with constant attacks of people in my environment, which is currently my main problem.
    Maybe the timing is not really magical, because to me everything which surrounds in our wake-state us is a reflection of us – just as it is in the dream state.

    So I am under a double bind: On one hand I feel compelled to take every external encounter as a part of myself, so don’t want to antagonise others, because antagonisation holds the (internal) axis of the conflict in place and therewith is not a solution (and the same btw applies for me to addictions and other issues),
    so fighting back or condemning the unwanted as “evil” in order to defend our worldly self-definition (which to me is the ego – in opposition to the true self-realisation) does no good, because it merely is a symptomatic temporary solution for people who did not realise the oneness of all of us.

    But the wise solution you proposed: to not respond (as many who are in stronger positions mainly do)
    is often an act of non-empathic carelessness or even passive aggression, so it does not dignify the issue and merely suppresses it (until it pops up in disguise at a later time again).

    Whilst I currently have no instant solution, it slowly dawns upon me that I only encounter attacks from my current level of consciousness, meaning from my inner self-accusers.
    Even if they are a result of negative affirmations I encountered in childhood this education to me also are residual trades we might have brought into this life from previous ones – so there is no point of blaming the parents.

    Hence I personally have to literally “sit this out” (by meditating, contemplating and honest self-reflections) until I reach a level in which those issues I was attacked for
    are not part of my inner rigid dogmatic construct anymore.

    To give you examples: In the past I felt (and still partly feel) compelled
    * not to be a party-pooper and therefore felt compelled to drink with them,
    * did not want to leave friends alone, because I often felt left behind when they moved on,
    * felt compelled to constantly explain my actions in order not to leave questioners torn apart
    all those fields were issues I did not want to pass onto others (because it feels like contaminating them).

    But the more I work on myself, the more I can demand from my surrounding to also work out those issues themselves and not stick them onto me, because if I constantly carry someones load I even take their chance to make themselves stronger – it would be as silly as doing sports for another person.

    Long story short: There is a very fine line between a deep emotional non-attachment and dismissing others as idiots,
    so it is a path of long, tedious and honest daily self-reflection to properly work out my own Karma,
    and the amount and severity of the attacks are indicators to me how many hidden issues I still carry around with myself.

    Finally I want to thank you for your post, because until I am there, I have to “fake it until I make it” which I think is the strategically best solution not to put oil into the flames and slowly let those issues burn themselves out.

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    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I find lot of content in your blog which resonated within me too. Since you are also fellow practitioner of kriya yoga I feel very happy to connect with you as a fellow blogger.
      You are wonderfully correct in pointing out that there is very thin line between emotional non-attachment and dismissing others as idiots. The more I go deeper into the nature of self I find that what I am doing is taking the credit of the things which happening through me. The concept of me as a doer of things is the biggest representation of maya.

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      • Thank you for your warm-hearted words, and I want to continue exactly where you left of.
        I recently saw a documentary on Tibetan Yogis and one advanced practitioner said something along the lines: “you probably think of me as a human, but my reality is totally different”.
        Whilst this could have been misunderstood as hubris, it recently dawns upon me that maya could be that we group universal parts of energies in materialistic levels such as a person, which then does distort our picture by holding onto emotions within one person and projecting a human-like figure on top of our higher consciousness which then does result in all kinds of emotional “responses” and shots into the dark, because those energies aren’t tied to those concepts anymore.
        It is like holding grudges against a speaker for the music which came out of it, or being proud for being one even though it was not us, but the sound which did flow through.

        So the concept of non-attachment is a valuable first step back from the picture not only to see the materialistic pixels, in order to make place for a new playful and still compassionate approach.

        Hence my newest approach is to start to practice non-attachment to humanoid god-pictures whilst starting to practice Bhakti towards the universal higher self.

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