My Prayer

When I look back into my past I have always cherished those moments which has increased my sense of worth. I have truly loved those person who have helped me realize my true nature.
I have carried those moments in my memory and those persons in my heart.
That is what applies to everyone out there .
Everyone is out here to realize their true potential.
Like a bird outside who is in search of worm.
Like the tree outside which looks like it is struggling for good soil and some water.
May I be able to make my loved ones realize their true potential.
That is my prayer. True prayer.
May I not rob them of their cherisment and their celebration.
Instead may I be able to celebrate with them. Together.
In my unmindful moments I tend to rob them out of their comfort zone. May I not do that. May god be compassionate toward me in holding me from doing it.


Thank you for reading this far.

May peace be with you.


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