Weak and strong within me

Within my mind I observe a struggle. A struggle between two ME.
The first me is weak and coward. It does not know that.
The second is strong and brave. It does not know that either.
There are various times in which either of these two me become the commander of my mind body.
The first me , a weaker me becomes active when it perceives threat. It perceives there is very little time left, very little resources left or less security in the surrounding. Based on these perception it makes some decisions. These decisions are perfectly right for that particular space and time.
The second me which we call it a stronger me becomes active when there is no perceived threat. There is perception abundance in time, resource or security. Based on these perceptions the stronger me makes some decisions. These decisions are also perfect response to that particular space and time.

The cause of conflict:

Conflict arise due to change in space and time. Traveling down the space time continuum we land on different place where the decisions made by either of these two me become irrelevant.
The decisions made by me when I had lot of resources seem irrelevant when all the resources become gone.
The decisions made by me when there was a lot of time left to do a particular action become irrelevant when there is no any time left to do things now.
The conflict which we have suffer from within us is basically a conflict of decisions made by these two me as we travel down the space time continuum.
It is a conflict of ramifications of actions based on those decisions.
The actions which seemed right when the circumstances were right seem utterly wrong from the perspective of new circumstance.

Our attachment with either me:

The second cause of conflict is our attachment with either of these two me. We forget there is weaker part within us when the stronger me is dominant. Forgetting the existence of weak we become identified with the strong.
When the weaker me is dominant we forget the existence of stronger me.
This utter neglect of what is within us can be a seed of future conflict.

Our role:

In this drama of both the weaker and the stronger us there is a very definite role for us. As a mindful person our role is to see the fight as a temporary event. A part of life expressing itself within us. Looking at it with a sense of detachment. With a lens of lesser identification. With a sense of will to not give our mind body to either of those two.

Struggle in external world:

Mother earth has been a constant spectator of various conflict between two groups of people.
The have and have-nots.
The have and have-nots in relation to time, resources and security.
In this respect we are like mother earth who is observing the inevitable fight between the have and have-nots.
Our mind is the stage where the fight occur.
There will be blood , there will be conflict.
There always has been.
May we observe these fights with detachment.
The irony here is more we are detached from the fight less vicious the fight will be.
The less we supply either of the fighting party with weapon fewer people die.
May we be mindful enough not escalate the fight within us and between us with our identification.
We are neither the strong nor the weak.
We are both and both are us.
Image courtesy pixabay
Thank you for reading this far.
May peace be with you

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