Buddhas snake has bitten few too many

In the realm of mind there is no middle way. There is only duality . Mind can only generate duality. The duality of me and other. US and THEM.
Be aware of those politicians/powerful persons who meditates on a soft white cushion in the morning and who goes to sign a weapons deal in the afternoon. Then by the night he justifies himself and his actions by advocating middle way. By advocating that he should be both cruel and empathetic. That he should be both hard and soft in order to rule people.
Be aware of all those Hitlers who meditate before killing. In order to wash the guilt of killing or the make their hands strong so that they can kill better.
In the realm of mind there is no non violence. There is so much violence there. This is demonstrated in each and every page of our history.
It is only in the realm of no-mind that we find peace and calm. It is only when we go above our mind that we find utter compassion for everyone.
If we train our mind then we are training violence. Training our mind on a cushion is worst kind of training. It is like training a dog by always hitting him with a leash. Making him more violent in the process of training. Making him to loose his sense of worth in the training. This sort of training can only make a person violent.
Advocating non violence from the realm of mind is stupidity. Those who advocate such superficial peace are just biding their time for better violence. They are mediating so as to make themselves a better killer. A better of killer of person , a better killer of peace or a better killer of ozone layer , fishes or greenery.

It is what Buddha warned us. He warned us about this tendency of our mind. Of using his teaching as an instrument of self improvement. He says to regard his teaching like a snake. Never to take his teaching seriously. Use them as a raft to get to the shore of no mind/ no self. When used appropriately then it can bite us.
Those who use zen , yoga and mindfulness as a tool to self improvement they are the bitten ones. Coz there is no separate self to improve. There is only one SELF. One single self which lies within every one and everything and at the same time which connects everything and everyone.


Image courtesy: Β pixabay

Thank you for reading this far

May peace be with you.


6 thoughts on “Buddhas snake has bitten few too many

    • Thank you so much 😊! There are evil selfs and good selfs ; there are apples 🍎 and oranges 🍊. This dichotomy of good and evil , black and white is the prime function of our mind. As long as we live in this duality we are identified with our mind. πŸ™


  1. This was deep and eye opening. I can admit I have definitely fallen victim to the self-improvement train. I couldn’t agree with this more, I have found my happiest moments not in my greatest improvements but in the moments of deep presence. Thanks samrat.

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