Lesson on impermanence

Couple of my friends came into my house. I offered them seat. There was this couch of mine which could accommodate only about 3 people. So another chair was there which was firm compared to that couch. I noted that people first went in for the couch and the 2 last of my friends had to choose the firm chair. Peoples first choice was the soft couch then only came the a little bit hard wooden chair.
Later on after they went away I tried both of my sitting arrangements the couch and the chair. I felt much comfortable in that couch rather then the chair.
The soft  couch was more comfortable then the hard wooden chair.
Sitting on the soft couch there was no any contact points between my body and the couch.
The surface of the couch shrinked and accommodated my body. It did not shrink in everywhere but shrinked in those areas where I needed it to shrink. Like a good competent shrink who really holds his patients , I felt really held by that couch without giving me the feeling that I am being held.

When interacting with the world I live in I think my inner mental tone resembles these two chairs of mine. The soft and firm.

In first state I become like that wooden chair. I hold rigid to my belief. I am difficult to change. I cannot shrink so as to say. People say that I am unaccommodating and I am hard to be with.

In second state I am calm. When I am calm I become more accepting. Like the soft couch of mine. Like the couch which modifies itself according to the weight thrusted upon itself in this state of acceptance I change myself according to the weight thrusted upon me by the world I live in. In this state people say how great person I am.

Even if I try to I am unable to be firm in my belief forever . On the other hand even if I try to be accepting I cannot be that forever either.

In between these two duality of rigidity and firmness my life goes on.
It is just like in and out of my breath
It is just like systole and diastole of my heart.
It is just like the day and the night.
It is just like the Buddha says “Impermanence is the true nature of things”


Thank you for reading this far.

May peace be with you.


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