A glimpse of serpent power

The kundalini a force which makes itself known  when all the muscles, sensations and thoughts of our body/mind loose their knots. When free flow of prana is established.
Just like a reflections on a lake become known only after the water in the lake has become still ,the power of kundalini becomes apparent only after it is awakened form her deep slumber. Or in other words only after the distraction which make her sleep are silenced.
When the constrictions in our body/ mind are released then only what lies within us truely shines and makes itself known. That is what is called  the serpant power ,the kundalini.
This power rises from the mooladhara chakra to the sahasrara.
On the different level it is the bare life within us revealed when all the veils of ignorance dissolve.

3 thoughts on “A glimpse of serpent power

  1. very well written..but I would like to add that besides knowing how to meditate , its equally important to know how exactly to handle spiritual experiences -both your own as well as those that you keep on hearing/reading ! So here’s another one from my Spiritual Series (Featured yet again on Livingwiseproject.com) :

    “Don’t Hallucinate,Just Meditate ” – (5 Minute read )


    Would love hear you back as feedback !

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    • I cannot agree more that it is equally important to know how to handle spiritual experiences! It is a work of a lifetime , In fact many lifetimes to be able to contain or be with the power of awakening.
You have a very wonderful blog . Keep going

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