The cycle of blessing and curse

We are both blessed and cursed when we are born in this world. There is nothing which can be only blessing or only curse. There is side to everything. One function of our mind is to overlook one aspect while looking at the other. When it is seeing the blessing it overlooks the curse in it and when it is preoccupied with the curse it overlooks the blessing.
Everything we have ever known has taught us that there is only one thing. There can be either a blessing or a curse.
When we are born we all are both blessed and cursed by our parents. Someone spends their entire life looking at the blessing while the other spends entire life looking at the curse. But both of them are wrong. When we look deeply there is both the blessing and curse. We are blessed as our parents transferred their gene upon us and we are cursed as our parents transferred there gene upon us.
We are blessed by the beautiful environment we grew up and at the same time we are cursed by the beautiful environment we grew up.
There is no end to these statement.
On a different materialistic view we are blessed by the high speed Internet we enjoy and on the other hand we are cursed by the same high speed Internet that we over enjoy.
Same is with our cellphone.
With modern medicines.
Wherever there is light there is shadow.
They come and go together.
Like shape and color.
There is no individual existence of just a blessing and just a curse.
There is one widely used cliche which says ” Be careful what you wish for you might just well get it.” Blessing is getting what we wish for and it is the aspect of curse in that blessing which we should be careful about.
One of the highest art is our ability to see this aspect of existence. To see the day in night. To see blessing in our curse and to not loose the sight of shadow when we are looking at the light.
The great zen master Thich Nhat Hann says “The flower, when it wilts, becomes the compost. The compost can help grow a flower again.”
Wouldn’t the great Zen master agree when we say ” The blessing , when it wilts , becomes the curse. The curse can help grow a blessing again”

Thank you for reading this far.
May peace be with you.

Image courtesy : pixabay


5 thoughts on “The cycle of blessing and curse

  1. i learned at a fairly young age that every curse has a blessing–sometimes it takes a while to see the blessing, but I believe it is there. Most of us want to focus on our blessings and we try to avoid what seems a curse. I believe that accepting both is a way to peace and freedom.

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