Senility vs Maturity!

When we heat an egg and a potato then the same heat has different effect on them. The same heat will make a egg harder while it  makes a potato softer. Same amount of heat will have different effects. Depending on the inner constituents of the two objects  one will be soft while the other will be hard.
When I think about how time or age effects a person then similar things emerge. Some people become more soft, humble and compassionate while they age. Others become hard, arrogant and self centered. Depending on inner constituent of a person’s psychology age can affect him/her differently.
If we become hard, arrogant and self centered with time then we are heading towards senility. We are a egg type of person.
If our age makes us soft, humble and compassionate then we are on our way to be mature. We are a potato type of person.
One thing that differs in the senile ones and the mature ones is their attitude.
The senile ones here represented by egg type person are more sure of their knowledge. They have struggled all their life to gather information in their mind. To learn. One of the consequences of this learning was that their mind became full. They could not take any new information. They act and see people and things from what they already know about them. Their mind sees only what they already know.
The mature ones here represented by potato type person have different approach towards knowledge. They are obsessed with gathering knowledge but at the same time they are aware of dangers of  knowledge. They are aware that supreme knowledge is gathered by a beginners mind. They are not afraid unlearn what they have known. They honor the value of wisdom over knowledge. The attitude of a beginners mind will help them. It will help them so that what they already know will not be an obstacle in understanding what is there to know.
Today everyone is obsessed with the word anti aging. There are various supplements available to delay the effect of age in our body. But when it comes to our mind we are going the other way round. The effect of age upon our mind is very less discussed. Even if it is discussed it is talked in terms of senile plaques and senile atrophy. A purely materialistic view.
The effect of age on our overall personality can be altered by maintaining the attitude of beginners mind. It is enhanced by approaching every situations from a point of view where we don’t know everything there is to know. Everything is worth learning from. Even though we are a Nobel laureate in front of a cat, the cat has enough knowledge to enlighten us twice.
Image courtesy : Pixabay
Thank you for reading this far
May peace be with you

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