You are a raindrop falling from sky who doesn’t know where you fall

Biggest deception that you are going to do will be against yourselves. You will be biggest victim of your deception and you will even be the perpetrator of it. In order to live you deceive yourself. You tell lies to yourself. You tell lie about who you are. You tell lie about what you can do and what you cannot.
You cannot face that meeting but you tell you can . You not only tell you can, but you tell that you will nail that meeting. You tell that you will impress everyone. You go in front of the mirror with smiling face and tell the person in front that you are ready for whatever occurs. But in fact you don’t know what you are doing.
You are a raindrop falling from the sky who don’t know where he will fall. You don’t pray that you fall in a tree leaf because prayer is not science. You go in the mirror and tell yourself that you will fall in a tree leaf. It is pointless because there is nothing that you can do about you place of fall. Except accept when that occurs. Except surrender. Except radically accept and go with the flow. But in order to live you forget to go with the flow. You are deluded by the quote which says “only dead fish will go with the flow” .
You deny that you will die one day. You act invincible and justify yourself by saying everybody is doing it.
There is death everywhere and so is life. But you don’t see that. You deny death. You run away from life too. Cause life is too boring for you. You can’t even imagine yourself embracing the boring. You fear it. This post is boring. Silence is boring. Truth is boring. In some phase even the sex and amphetamine become boring. Everything bores. Because everything go silent afterwards. So will you. Death will be for us all and so is life.


Thank you for reading this far

May peace be with you


4 thoughts on “You are a raindrop falling from sky who doesn’t know where you fall

  1. Samrat, i was grateful that you liked my post “Just Watching”. After reading this post and a couple of others you wrote, I am honored that you checked the star like button at the bottom of mine 🙂
    Many blessings!!!


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