Beauty lies in being vulnerable

To find the idea of beauty and vulnerability coexisting together we can look at a flower. A flower is both beautiful and vulnerable. Flower is vulnerable because it can be plucked by anyone passing. It can be eaten by any animal traveling nearby. It seems like a flower does not care for its own possibility of death. Instead a flower smiles till its last day and every other day in between. When we see a flower we see it being beautiful and it being really vulnerable. The beauty of a flower is multiplied by its vulnerability.
In our everyday life it may feel awful to ask for a favor from someone. We fear that they would take advantage of our situation. We feel inferior to the person we are asking the favor from. Being inferior to someone we feel exposed. And in this exposure we feel vulnerable. It seems like a very scary place to be.
It may be true that the other person can take our asking a favor as a gesture of friendliness. They can remember like “it is so sweet of him to remember me in his times of difficulty”. Though the possibility of it happening may be less but it is a real possibility. And since it is a possibility it cannot be ignored. The greater part of reality is what we believe in. If we really believe that danger surrounds us in every direction then we may be helping to perpetrate such danger. As a part of our growing up we have learned to ignore people being really nice and true as a reality.

Like the great Zen master Thich nhat hann says that our real nature is like that of a flower. Instead of realizing our true nature as a flower we spend plenty of our time forgetting it. We go on acting like being invulnerable and cover our pulsating weak heart with steel. It is a very big challenge for us to embrace our littleness, incapacity and vulnerability.
We fear the society will take advantage of us. Instead of fearing the society we can embrace it. In our embrace we find the perfect niche that we fit in. and in this niche the society would accept us as our true nature.

So what about the people who take advantage of our being vulnerable? What about the people who pluck the flowers just for nothing? There will be some people who would take advantage of our vulnerability.
Whether a person would take advantage of the weak and vulnerable is a real test of person’s character.
Whether a person plucks a flower or waters a flower differences a his moral supremacy. It is a reflection of how clear his conscience is.

As an important life lesson we have to learn at earliest to avoid, like a plague, the person who takes advantage of weak and vulnerable.

Thank you for reading this far.
May peace be with you.
Image courtesy : Pixabay


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