A little bit on gum health


Couple of month’s back I had gone to my dentist. He told me that around my first premolar tooth there was one dental pocket of more than 10 mm in depth. X-ray of my teeth showed even the bone was infected.
The dentist told me that if untreated my teeth would break off from its socket.
This week after 2 months I went again for the dental appointment, but this time the dentist was surprised to see my teeth. Pocket depth reduced to just 2 mm. He was so surprised that he took the photograph of my teeth and my dental X- rays (both previous and now). He said that he would publish it in an international dental journal.
Besides regular brushing and flossing which I was doing ever since I could remember I changed following things in my lifestyle in this 2 months.

  •  I regularly practiced oil pulling with coconut oil. After reading lots of positive review about it I thought I would try it.
  • I gave up eating meat and meat products. It was not so easy quitting meat. It was as hard as quitting smoking which I did few years back. It has been just 2 and half months that I quit meat but it already feels good not eating it.

It could be the effect of healthy lifestyle I am following, it could be the competent dental doctor of mine or both of us together that brought this speedy recovery of my gums. One good thing that happened is that I now should not go for gingivectomy (a minor surgery for opening us deep pocket so that nothing can lodge in between teeth and gum).
I don’t suggest you to try oil pulling right now. But if you are having similar problem then just go through it to know whether it is really good for you. It is said to be detoxifying your whole body. I don’t know for detox thing but it definitely improves gum health. One study even said that oil pulling is as effective as chlorhexidine gargle in treating bacteria in our mouth (Sood, Devi, & Narang, 2014) . Remember that chlorhexidine gargle if you do for more than 1 week stains your teeth very badly. (Personal experience).
I will keep you updated about this oil pulling thing and my dental health.
Thank you for reading this far.
May peace be with you.


Sood, P., Devi, A., & Narang, R. (2014). Comparative efficacy of oil pulling and chlorhexidine on oral malodor: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research: JCDR, 8(11), ZC18.


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