3 benefits of conscious breathing


Benefits of Conscious breathing

  • Clarity
  • Compassion
  • Creativity

In the following very few paragraphs I compare how the nature of our breath resembles that of water washing over a sea shore.

Today while doing my morning meditation session I observed the power of conscious breathing. It reminded of me of a sea shore where the waves come over and bathe the sand. As the sea washes over the sand it leaves the shore clean and fresh. The impurities in the shore are taken up by the mighty sea in its depth.

At a different frequency something similar was taking place within me. The conscious breathing I did on a meditation session was having similar effect in my thought process. The breath was kind of washing over my thought process in the very same way the water washes over the sand.

The effects of breath on my thought process and the effects produced by water on the shore are very comparable.

There are plenty of benefits of conscious breathing but here I summarize three that I observed in my life. These effects are compared with water washing over the shore. I find those two strikingly similar.

Clarity:  Water is universal cleaning substance. We use water to wash various things similarly I noted that the slow deep conscious breath helps us to wash and clean our thought process. Like the water evens out the elevation and depression over sand similarly the felt breath even out the eccentricities of my thought process. In presence of Conscious breath thoughts tend to flow towards those areas of my existence which needed to be thought upon. Compulsive thoughts tend to be fewer and less powerful.

Compassion: Water by its nature is non selective. When poured in any surface it distributes very evenly. This nature of water is reflected onto the conscious breath. While I am being vividly aware of my breath I found it very hard to distinguish between what is me and what is others. The thing what I call me effortlessly pours into other people.  The distinction between us and them vanishes. This experience can be called as oneness. In this oneness I found it very hard to be selfish. While I am breathing consciously Compassion comes easy as if it is the second nature.

Creativity: Every time the water washes over the sand newer patterns are left as an impression. They become the ground for every subsequent patterns. Every time my being is washed by conscious breathing I feel like I am newer in some way. With the help of conscious breathing it is easy to start every moment as a new one. Power of my past is kind of diminished in some way. Its grip in my existence is loosened. In this newness unthought-of solutions tend to appear. It also taught me something about being creative. I noted that creativity sprouts from exactly same spot where the thought processes end.



Thanks a lot for reading this far

May Peace be with you!


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