Rene Descartes vs Eckhart Tolle: What are you?

The world is a stage to observe our attachment and reaction to it. It is a medium where we can take our inward journey to find what we are. The process of finding what we are consists of stripping of those labels which we are not.

We are constantly dragged to identify with everything else. Sayings go like “you are your friends”,” you are your cellphone”, “you are what you wear” and the more subtle ones like the one Rene Descartes says “I think therefore I am” meaning you are your thought.
So sometimes I meditate on what am I really?

Renowned spiritual writer Eckhart Tolle points out in his book the “Power of Now” that we are not the thoughts playing in our mind. Practically I find it very hard to not identify with my thought. It is very easy to conceptualize our intention of not identifying with our thoughts but after some time I find the intention sinks deeper and deeper into the ocean of identifying thoughts. There is this eternal dance of identification with our thought and intention to not identify with it. In my meditation cushion the intention of non-identifying occupies the stage and while I am running my daily tasks the process of identification occupies the stage. Both come and go doing what they do. At some deeper level I sense that both the process of identification and non-identification go just like the day and the night. I am tempted to conclude that neither day nor the night defines and identity of sky. The Sky is simultaneously both.

In the same way I find the statement I am what I think is incomplete without its other half. I am not only the things I think because I am both what I think and what I don’t think.

I am both my friends and also not only my friends.

I simultaneously am what I wear and at the same time I am also not only what I wear.
I am both the Rene Descartes who identifies with his thought and at the same time also the Eckhart Tolle who refrains from identifying with his thought.


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